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What is Isogum?

Isogum is a trade name for a kind of tar paper used as water-proof insulator to cover roofs, pools, etc. it is derived from oil and is used as a waterproof material to cover roofs, etc.

Prefabricated insulator (Isogum)

1. Bitumen 60-70

2. Atactic polypropylene

3. One layer of Fiberglass

4. One layer of polyester

5. Talc powder

6. Polyethylene film

7. Glue and roll band

Due to abuse, fake and forge of Isoguam Trade Mark, Isogum Noghrei Shargh has produced a whole new brand of Isogum named NAMPAD with a totally different label and design. Its uniqueness in quality is the most important specification of this brand.

Isogum Noghrei Shargh products are supplied in rolls in 1×10 meters dimension and are being composed of one polyester layer as well as on fiberglass layer with an optional layer of aluminum. Elasticity, plasticity, dimensional resistance and maximum bending capability are among the major factors which have made the use of these products very economic at any climate. These products are most appropriate to be used in construction of roofs, bridges, parking lots, building foundations, tunnels, bathrooms, balconies, pools, etc.